Diacs Italia


DIACS Company («Diagnostic Complexes and Systems»)  was established by the Ministry of Atomic Energy, Industry of the USSR in 1989 for HV electrical equipment diagnostics of Russian nuclear power plants.

Nowadays DIACS has over 30 years in the field of online industrial diagnostic solutions for electrical equipment at operation voltage. We offer:

  • An innovative complex technical diagnostics of electrical equipment at operationg voltage by measuring vibration characteristics, partial discharges in insulation, electromagnetic activities with their location , thermal imaging control, etc;
  • Acceptance tests of electrical machines and inspection of repair quality;
  • Technical inspection of the electrical equipment of industrial plants;
  • Extension of the service life of electrical equipment.

Our main clientele include Energy and Petrochemical  industries, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Cement and Paper production, other types of large  industrial plants in Russia,  Asia, Latin America and in South Europe (Italy and Switzerland). We have an equipped workshop and a mobile team of technical experts in maintenance and diagnosis to be performed at the Customer’s plant.

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